What To Do When You Break A Bone

Breaking a bone can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It is painful and debilitating for the person that is experiencing the break. It may also be uncomfortable for other people standing nearby. It is important to take some critical first steps when they have broken a bone in their body. They will want to know what to do to get the emergency help that you need. For residents of New Jersey, they may also want to consider contacting the NJ Orthopedic Surgeon office. This guide will help patients understand some of the preliminary steps they should take when they have a broken bone.

The first thing anyone should do is simply immobilize their body for a moment. See if anyone around can take a look at the affected area. Try to test the afflicted area to see where the pain is coming from primarily. If the person cannot move that part of their body, that is a sign that the bone is probably broken. It will be important to keep that section of their body still, because any movement will probably cause intense pain. If possible, it would be good to arrange for the person to be transported to the nearest hospital or Orthopedic clinic.

Another essential step is to determine if the bone has a compound fracture. A simple hairline fracture will just have a split down the bone that won’t cause a major deformation of the bodily area. But a compound fracture means that the bone has broken in multiple places. It may also have cause a piece of the bone to protrude from underneath the skin. This can cause quite a bit of bleeding. It may be essential to provide gently pressure with clean towels or cause to stop the bleeding. Try to make sure that the wound is cleaned.

When the patient arrives at the NJ Orthopedic Surgeon clinic, the staff will likely want to know what has gone wrong. Try to explain what happened to cause the break in a calm and explicit manner. Providing the medical staff with preliminary information like this can help them decide what course of action they should take. They may also want to talk to the patient to keep them calm during the course of these medical procedures. The patient may go in to shock or pass out from the pain. This is why it is important to receive medical help quickly with these kinds of wounds.

Finally, the patients bone will need to be set by the medical professionals. Don’t attempt to do this before arriving at the medical office. It is important to set the bone properly so it may begin healing together.

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