What to Do If You Get a Tick

Ticks are very harmful to both humans and pets. That is why if you spot them, you have to deal with them as fast as possible. Ticks are known to carry diseases like Lyme disease and a range of other tick-borne diseases. As much as tick infestation in homes is not as common as flea infestation, there are instances where you might find your house plagued by ticks. Take note of the fact that ticks can prove quite hard to banish. They are much harder to find and even harder to kill than fleas. Also worth noting is the fact that ticks can go for a long period of time without a meal. That is why you might think that you have gotten rid of them only for them to suffice later when they get a new blood supply.

However, you don’t have to despair. Through some general cleanliness and some professional help, treating ticks is possible through an effective process to help you get rid of ticks permanently from your home. Eliminating ticks from your home for good does not have to be a tedious task as many people tend to think. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow through:

Clean Up Your House

In order to get rid of ticks in your house, you have to clear up all clutter and everything that is lying around in the house. Anything that is lying around on your floor can provide an ideal place for ticks to thrive. You can therefore put your dirty clothes on lines or even directly get them to the washing machine and clean them with the highest setting possible so as to get rid of the ticks. You should however not mix the things that you pick from the floor with your other clothes. This will allow the ticks to move into the other things thereby inhibiting any achievements in the entire process.

Clean Thoroughly

You also have to make sure that your house is cleaned thoroughly. In this case you can choose to vacuum, mop and use any other cleaning method as long as it is effective and helps you to get rid of any possible hiding locations for the ticks. When you are doing this, you have to make sure that you vacuum drapes and furniture, wash your curtains and even clean counter tops and other surfaces in the house.

Kill the Ticks and the Eggs

You can also choose to apply boric acid powder all over your home in order to kill ticks and their eggs. Diatomaceous earth that is found in many gardening centers can also help you in this respect. These products work by drying up the adult ticks and killing them all in all. They will also dry up the eggs and larvae that they come in contact with.

Keep the Ticks from Entering your Home Again

Once your home is treated for ticks you need to make sure that you and your family don’t get infested again. Natural bug removal is safe for you, but deadly for the bugs, and is a great option to help keep your home protected from disease carrying bugs. This tick treatment is an effective measure to remove ticks from your yard so your pets and children have a lower chance of picking them up, thereby reducing your chance of receiving one of the diseases they are known to carry.

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