Understanding the HPV Vaccination

With the advances in medicine in our day and age there are all sorts of great medications and vaccinations that we can be privy to. Most diseases have cures or means we can utilize to make the disease more bearable if we obtain it. I know for me, this is extremely important as I had a multiplicity of heath issues and a lot of unpleasant symptoms I deal with especially during the Winter time of the year. For instance there is the HPV Vaccination. The formal name is the Human Papillomavirus. It can cause cervical cancer in young women so it is important to get a vaccine to prevent the possibility. Any time cancer is a possibility we want to do everything we can in order to prevent it. There are two types of the HPV Vaccination and they are administered in a total of three shots over the time span of 6 months. Some people would realistically ask if this vaccine is important. What is interesting to note is that most people who are sexually active will get the HPV virus at some point in their life but it is minimal so it is often overlooked. This affects women mostly in their late teens and early twenties. Most symptoms are minor and will actually go away on their own. However some symptoms can cause cervical cancer and can even cause other less common forms of cancer. These cancers can affect the anus, penis, vagina and back of the throat. Other symptoms can even be genital warts.

Even though genital warts are nowhere near life threatening they can cause emotional stress to the individual and then treatment of them can become uncomfortable. Therefore it is important to get this HPV Vaccination to help prevent these symptoms from occurring. This vaccine can be given to girls as young as age 9, but it is more recommended for girls ages 11 or 12 and from 13-26 years if they have never been vaccinated. Starting young is important so that the vaccine can get into your body before the girl begins to get sexually active. Once you have become sexually active the HPV Vaccine isn’t as effective simply because your body has already been exposed to potential harm. If you are pregnant you should not get the vaccine at any time during your pregnancy. The harmful effects haven’t been proven but it is better to be on the safe side. Even if a woman receive the HPV Vaccine, she should be regularly screened for cervical cancer through a pap smear. Taking care of your health is something that is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Something that is nice about the vaccine is that it works for a long time. Research has shown that individuals who had the vaccine were still looking good even after six years. It is common for you to now be wondering what the cost is for this vaccine. All three doses, or shots cost a total of $390 but keep in mind that most insurance companies will cover this. Consider checking out HPV shot in Utah when considering whether or not this vaccine is right for you.

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