The Wide Scope of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a much broader category of civil suits than someone might assume. The most common images in people’s minds about medical malpractice involve a doctor completely botching a procedure. Such an assessment is an accurate if you wished to provide an example of malpractice. To assume this is the only form of malpractice a physician could commit would be inaccurate. Again, the full scope of malpractice is far broader than people realize.

Case in point, new research may reveal that certain procedures are outdated and present problems and complications. Newer methods are being suggested to medical professionals since the new methods reduce risk. What happens if you suffer from complications because the doctor performed the older procedures?

The following questions could be asked:

Did the doctor know newer, safer procedures were available?
Did the doctor outright disregard these newer methods?
Had the doctor noticed a series of complications in patients that coincided with warnings about the procedure from medical research journals?

A doctor who no longer opts to stay up to date with changes in the world of medical research could very well be held liable in a civil court. Consider this one example of how the scope of medical malpractice is greater than most realize.

Even when it seems the treatment you received from the doctor is acceptable, it may not be. Case in point, the doctor could give you a decent examination but “decent” is not going to cut it at all. The doctor must perform a complete and thorough examination in order to ensure the right diagnosis is made. A doctor who fails in these steps is a physician who just might make the wrong prognosis based on limited knowledge.

The wrong prognosis could prove extremely disastrous for patients. Some might even suffer severely due to being prescribed the wrong remedy or told they have the wrong condition because the doctor never performed the right examination.

Why would a physician who should seemingly know better make mistakes like these? Perhaps the doctor is in a “comfort zone” in terms of how he or she treats patients. The doctor has done things a certain way for so long making a changes is not considered.

If you have suffered due to the negligence of a doctor, speak with a medical malpractice attorney right away. Doing so is not going to reverse any damage or harm you have suffered, but you can receive compensation to cover better care and restore lost earnings due to the negligence.

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