The Power Of Protein

In the past decade the true power of protein has been misunderstood and seen by the majority as an ‘added boost’ in the goal of building muscle. The power of protein extends way beyond the common misconception of simply building muscle. In fact, more and more people are continuing to learn about the benefits of protein which in return is beginning to spark a protein craze.

In the past men and especially women believed that proteins main use was an aid for building muscle. Although this is an accurate statement protein has taken the health and fitness world by storm once people began to realize the full potential. Protein is a dense substance and is difficult for the body to digest. It requires the body to work extra hard to digest all of the protein, in return for this extra effort, the body is almost training itself just like one would train to build their muscles, protein trains the metabolism, it speeds up the metabolic process. When the metabolic process speeds up the human body digests food faster and more efficiently. As the metabolic process continues to speed up the body becomes very efficient and quick in digesting food, to the point where even between meals it would have already finished digesting the meal prior and will burn off fat until a new meal is consumed. Although this effect is not achieved overnight, within a few weeks most will begin seeing changes in their digestive processes and will even begin to see a loss of fat (assuming a well-balanced diet is in use).

Protein also carries another fat burning attribute within its arsenal of benefits. As the body continues to train the metabolism the metabolism will begin to release small bits of carbon into the blood stream to assist and aid the carbs being consumed. When these bits of carbon have no more carbs to assist them they begin to also aid the body in burning fat by making the body feel satisfied with eating lower amounts of food. To sum it up these bits of carbon cause people to eat less.

Of course the effects of protein are optimal if the user is consuming the proper amounts daily. On average a male adult should consume anywhere from 50-75 grams of protein per day. An adult female should consume between 30-50 grams of protein per day. As for children, it is best that children under 12 consume around 20-25 grams of protein daily. Adding just a bit of extra protein to a diet plan is sure to super charge any fitness goal, whether it be losing weight or building muscle, the power of protein will lead you there.

There are some indications that a surge in your protein intake can lead to an increase in facial. Although this is widely thought of as conjecture it is better to prepare than to be caught off guard, and having a barber in the Costa Mesa area ready to help you is always a good thing.

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