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The Importance of Eye Health

Similar to the teeth, one disregards the health of the eyes and they are unaware of the fact that taking care of the eyes is extremely vital. Age is not a factor when it pertains to the eye due to the fact that diseases may cultivate in anyone, regardless to age. When one visits eye doctors cary, they have the advantage of discovering the issue that may be transpiring in their eyes, early on. Some persons who are cultivating eye issues seek medical attention when it is much too and there is nothing that doctors can do to treat their eye. If one does not treat their eyes, it may result in the loss of vision or loss of an eye.

When an individual schedules an appointment to visit eye doctors cary, these doctors are not only checking for vision issues and prescribing glasses to correct the vision, but they are also examining the eyes and checking for diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Some of the symptoms that the disease glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy have can be mistaken from someone whose vision is deteriorating. The only difference is the people who have an eye disease will experience some sort of pain and those who have bad vision will not feel any agony. One would be aware of this if they would make frequent visits to an eye doctor. They will educate patients on how to properly care for the eye and prevent diseases from developing.

Many years ago, a ten year old girl suffered from glaucoma but due to the fact that she thought she needed glasses, she never mentioned her deterred vision to her parents. The little girl did not want to have the burden of wearing glasses because all of the kids at her school would make fun of her as they did to the other children who wore glasses. She was having a difficult time in class because the other students would ridicule her whenever she seem confused when the teacher would call her up to complete a problem, on the board. Due to the fact that she couldn’t see too well, her writing was terrible and she was never able to accurately complete a problem, and it also affected her grades. This went on for years until one of her teachers suggested that she may need glasses and is afraid to admit it. At this point, she was in excruciating pain and couldn’t bare the pain any more. Once her family took her to an eye doctor, it was too late to treat the disease. She had already lost her eye sight because she did not want to make a visit to the doctor. 

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