Overcoming Addiction

Historically addiction and dependence on a substance were considered a sign of weakness. Those who found they were dependent on a substance were removed from society by being placed in prisons. Both men and women discovered that they were ostracized because they were unable to use personal choice and strength to overcome the dependencies they developed. Many addictions are born out of ignorance, such as alcohol and cigarette abuse over time. Other addictions started as risky behaviors. These risky behaviors were overcome by the physiological and neurological makeup of the addicted person.

Addiction is an illness. It is not a choice, nor is it something that can be controlled. Womens drug rehab centers are being built and staffed with professionals who are dedicated to helping fight the battles of dependency. Coping skills are developed by the clients with the help of mental health professionals working in the facilities. Taking care of the mothers, wives, and daughters should be an important step in helping all of society.

The DSM-IV, published by the American Psychological Association, does not indicate an actual disorder called addiction. Instead, the DSM-IV has created a list of symptoms that can be diagnosed as dependence or abuse of a controlled substance.

It does not matter if the addiction is alcohol, drugs, or other substances. Women who are ready to take the first step toward overcoming addiction can find professionals available to help them. Certified and licensed womens drug rehab centers can be easily found. They will be greeted and welcomed into the facility. These professionals are licensed and competent in treatment and counseling procedures involving substance dependence.

Addiction starts as a harmless choice. Taking a drink or a first toke of a marijuana cigarette can feed the brain of a person whose chemical makeup holds the potential for addiction. Once it begins this choice become a habit and then addiction. Regardless of the original decision to try something risky you have now become entrenched in the noose that is addiction. The slope to addiction is a slippery one. Addictive disorders can leave an otherwise capable woman wondering what she did to get herself into such a situation. Women who find themselves addicted to substances also find that it is much more difficult to overcome the dependence.

Statistics show that men are more likely to become addicted to substances like alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medication, but women who find themselves addicted to substances also find that it is much more difficult to overcome the dependence. Due to this, rehabilitation centers that cater to women that have addictions can be found across the country. Women who have become addicted to some substance or behavior can locate safe and qualified care.

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