Importance of checking for Prostate Cancer

Some phrases elicit giggles and groans simultaneously. Among those cheeky slogans are “Military Intelligence”, “You only live once”, and the penultimate for many “Bend over.” Though the question should be pressed, why is the last item on that list? Truth be told, if every man in America (especially those over 40) would hear those words and tell their doctor thank you while dropping their drawers, there would be a significant drop in cancer related deaths among males in this country.

You see, your doctor really isn’t morbidly fascinated with causing you random and awkward pain. He is concerned with making sure you are alive and well as long as possible. While his finger may give you discomfort for a time, that quit poke around does something great for you – it screens for Prostate Cancer. But you say, “Yeah right, like that will ever happen to me! I mean the odds of getting prostate cancer are like…uhm…like…” Try one in six.

Yep, you have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer than dying on an airplane, drowning or pretty much any other form of demise. With 1 of 6 men being diagnosed with it, you have to stop and think – what do I do? There is actually quite a bit that can be done, but it starts with you.

Remember the quip above about the doctor? Well there is a stigma attached to the prostate screening that needs to go. It is one of the most effective and simple tests catch prostate cancer early and with only a mild intrusion. If your doctor finds a mass or hard spot while flirting with your insides it very well could save your live. Like all cancers, the earlier it is caught, the better the chances of survival. Leaving a tumor unchecked in the body is like leaving your teenager home alone for a week – the destruction will be large scale and possible never completely fixed.

That small prod on your inner region will let the doctor know if everything is all right or more tests are in order. Should the latter happen, a biopsy is usually the next step. Should that come out positive (because your prostate can be enlarged for other reasons) then there are CT scans and other machines that can investigate how far the cancer has spread and enable the doctors to treat you in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Bottom line is to get your lazy bum over to the analyst and have your prostate examined regularly. That way, you and your seat cushion will have many happy years together.

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