How To File A Social Security Disability Application

Many people that are injured, fall ill, or suddenly get hurt due to other migrating circumstances start to wonder if they are applicable for social security disability payments. In many cases if your illness or sickness has made it impossible for you to hold a job then you can apply to receive social security disability. However, like many public programs, the route to receive benefits from social security is fraught with landmines and can be very difficult. The steps are so numerous and complicated that many people become frustrated and toss their hands in the air.

Some people are even denied or are told that they must resubmit all of their information due to simply like mistakes or incomplete records which can be even more exasperating. Just to apply you need to fill in plenty of required forms and provide an extensive amount of medical data. In order to avoid a denial based on misinformation or misunderstanding instead of true medical issues you should consider hiring a social security disability attorney. A disability lawyer is used to working with applications and knows the proper process so that you can avoid a denial and start getting benefits sooner instead of later.

Many people figure they will attempt to file themselves and then hire a lawyer if they get denied, which may seem like a reasonable approach but the problem is the time factor. In many states there is a six month to a year waiting period to receive benefits and the application process itself takes months. Then if you are denied or told to resubmit it can take many more months to actually get an approval. During this time since you are unable to work you will without income. Most people cannot survive for months to a year without income which is why hiring a lawyer to help is the best choice.

A social security disability attorney will star the process with you during the application process and will continue to help you if you need your case reevaluated later or if any other concerns arise. The lawyer will be able to walk you through eligibility and will help you collect the correct medical, work, and required forms to file so that you have everything the first time through. They will also help you get information from medical sources if you have had trouble receiving the documents in a timely manner. They will then ascertain the filing process is correct before submission and if needed walk you through the process to fight a denial. More importantly however, by having them on your side from the start they will decrease the chance of a denial from social security.

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