How Do I Get ACLS Certified?

ACLS, or Advanced Certified Life Support, certification is required by many professionals within the medical health industry, as well as, other emergency personnel, such as some firemen and lifeguards. This certification is typically regulated by the American Heart Association (AHA). It confirms that the bearer has the ability to provide urgent care treatment to people suffering from cardiopulmonary emergencies, such as cardiac arrest or stroke. People can earn their ACLS certification online or in the classroom.

Whether taken online or in the classroom, participants in the ACLS course will be required to sit through several hours of training. This training will cover many different topics, including basic life-saving techniques, how to start an IV, how to recognize signs of cardiac arrest and other life-threatening emergencies, and how to provide early emergency care. The course will also include simulated situations, where participants will decide on the best treatment plan. Hands-on training is also usually required. At the completion of the training, participants will have to pass an examination, that includes a written portion and sometimes a hands-on portion, as well.

People have the option of taking the course in the classroom or online. Classroom training is usually held over a week-end or for several days at a time. ACLS certification online training allows you to purchase the class and then watch the training videos at your convenience. This is the perfect solutions for those with busy schedules because it provides the flexibility to take the training and exam when it works best for them. Online training also allows you to learn at your own pace and go back over sections if necessary. It could make studying for the exam easier. Sometimes online courses do require you to still take the hands-on portion of the test at the classroom, however, this session is very short.

Many professionals are required to renew their ACLS certification every two years or so, in order to stay active. This re-certification can also be done in the classroom or online. This re-certification class is not as long, but is still more convenient if done online. Participants will review all of the previously learned skills, and discuss any new techniques that have been developed and approved by the AHA.

The skills learned by obtainining an ACLS certification online, or in the classroom, provides all the skills necessary to handle a cardiopulmonary emergency. While both options are available, only the online course allows you to study at you own pace, and at a time that is convenient for you. You will also have all the material right at your fingertips if you need to review any portions of the course.

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