Getting Braces

Your smile is one of those things, if not the most important one, that make a great impact on the first impression you leave with people. It`s not just the physical appeal of a smile full of properly shaped and healthy teeth, it`s about your level of confidence that can be pretty dependent on whether you feel comfortable showing a wide smile. Your oral health should be one of your top priorities, and when it comes to straightening teeth and corrections of the jaw, braces are the way to go.  Following are some points you should bear in mind when you decide on getting yourself fixed with braces of any of the kinds available out there.

  • Food.
    The traditional metal braces that are most commonly used come with some specific instructions about what you can and want you cannot eat. During the period that you wear them you won’t be able to eat any hard foods such as potato chips, peanuts, since their texture can harm the braces so you will be limited to softer foods.
  • Hygiene.
    Oral hygiene is extremely important. If you are using mobile (removable) braces, then a detailed cleaning is mandatory after you take them out and put them back on, you should also brush your teeth before putting the braces back in use.  If you are wearing traditional metal braces then you will have to add a few minutes to your usual teeth brushing time for an examples if you usually brushed your teeth 3 times a day for 3 minutes long, now you`ll have to do it three times a day at least for 5 minutes at a time.
  • Regular checkups.
    Wearing braces demands systematic inspections of the mechanism itself as well of the progress being made. This way your orthodontist will be able to tell if the straightening of the teeth and jaw is going in the right direction or some action will have to be taken if the results are not as predicted. It is highly recommendable that you dedicate your oral health to a single orthodontist who will take care and regulate the whole process, some of the best you can find at Northern Orthodontics.
  • Dates.
    It is extremely important to be cautious about the day when a traditional metal fixed brace comes off, the jaw and teeth are at their ideal position just then and there may be the need for you to continue using removable braces for a period of one up to several more months.
  • Discipline.
    In order for all of it to be worth it, you`ll have to exercise some great discipline through it all. Show regularly on scheduled checkups, be careful about food, maintain oral hygiene at the highest level and of course respect and apply your dentist`s instructions and suggestions.


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