Foods That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Most people know that foods that are high in sugar can damage their teeth. However, there are many other foods that can wreak havoc on one’s dental health. Below are some of the worst foods for your teeth:

Pickled Vegetables

Vegetables are indeed very good for your teeth and body, but you want to limit your consumption of pickled vegetables. Vinegar is used to make pickled vegetables, and vinegar is very acidic. Sugar may also be used to make pickled vegetables.


Popcorn can very easily get stuck in between your teeth. This can make it easier for bacteria to develop in between the teeth. You do not have to avoid popcorn completely, but you do want to floss after you eat it. You should also rinse your mouth out with water.

Hard Candy

You most likely already know that candy is bad for your teeth, but hard candy is even worse. Hard candy can very easily get stick to your teeth, and it has a tendency to linger in the mouth longer. If you love hard candy, then you should opt for the sugar-free kind.

Diet Soda

Diet soda is free of sugar, but that does not mind that it will not harm your teeth. In fact, diet soda may be worse for your teeth than regular soda. Diet sodas are very acidic, and the acid can erode the enamel on your teeth. Therefore, you should try to avoid drinking diet sodas completely.


Most breads are very high in sugar. The white processed ones are the worst type that you can eat. You should read the labels before you buy bread and check to see it if has added sweeteners.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is sticky and very high in sugar. It sticks to your teeth and feeds bacteria. If you love peanut butter, then you should look for the natural kind with no added sugar.

Salad Dressing

Vinegar and sugar give salad dressings their flavor. While salads should be a regular part of your diet, you need to limit your consumption of the dressings because they can cause cavities.


Just like peanut butter, jelly is sticky and loaded with sugar. It will encourage the growth of plaque and bacteria if it is not washed away soon.

Hard candy, peanut butter, diet soda pickled vegetables, popcorn, salad dressing and jelly can harm your smile if you eat them frequently. That is why you should limit your consumption of those foods. Your smile will greatly benefit from making dietary changes. If you have any dental problems, then you will need to see one of the Fishers IN dentists.

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