Don’t Leave Them Alone

Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility or a nursing home can be one of the hardest things you have to do. You know that the person needs care that you cannot provide, but you want them to remain at home as long as possible.

Stay Connected
Never forsake the person who goes into the facility. Whether you write letters or call every day, make sure you keep in touch. This could mean the difference between the person giving up on life and giving them the strength needed to continue in the facility. You can also take your children to see their family member. They don’t have to stay long, and you don’t have to take them every day, but let them see the person they love and care for while they can.

Before you take your loved one to a facility, find out what is needed in the room. Will you need to provide clothing and toiletries, or will the facility provide gowns for the person to wear. Some places offer soap and shampoo, and the staff will also wash the clothes of the resident. If you want to take care of these things on your own, then you need to make the facility aware of your desires. Most places let the resident have a television in the room, but you might have to pay a small fee each month for cable television service. Facilities like the Marietta Care Center Clinic can answer questions you might have.

My Story
I had the unfortunate job of placing my father in a nursing home after a short hospital stay. He needed antibiotics that only the nursing home could provide. He also needed physical therapy. I watched the health of my father decline to the point that he could not walk without getting out of breath. I did not take my children to see him as often as I should have, and I regret this decision greatly. The facility provided a new television in his room, so he was able to watch his favorite shows. The food was not the best, and I should have asked if he could have food from home. He was allowed to wear his own clothes, but he was comfortable in the gown that the nursing home gave him. I slowly watched him dwindle to the point where he could no longer hold his head up to look at me. The lesson that I learned was to never take a loved one for granted. You never know when the person will not be there, and when you place them in a nursing facility, it is usually the last place the person will live at.

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