Children’s Dentistry

The quality of pediatric dentistry care in Baton Rouge is second to none which has proved itself to be the primary reason this booming industry has taken off in this city. Children of all ages are continually being referred to Baton Rouge for high risk dental procedures as knowledgeable and veteran dentists are readily available to service their needs. Doctors Hornsby and Bulot of Baton Rouge Oral and Facial Surgery and Dental Implant Center are world renowned for their abilities to rebuild facial structures with the least amount of surgery required. Additionally, they are found facilitating the residents of Baton Rouge’s Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital further demonstrating why this town is head and shoulders above the rest.
Parents that want their children to have a personalized experience should check out Children’s Dental Care near the Connells Village Shopping Center. Dr. Ellard takes great pride in delivering a nurturing atmosphere while assisting children to achieve flawless oral health. Troy, a repeat customer since 1997 stated, “Dr. Ellard is a very caring dentist. I recommend him to any parent looking for a very good dentist. He and the staff are very caring and loving people that make the kids very comfortable.” Dr. Ellard’s focus on making young ones feel at home coupled with the fact that he is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) make him a top notch choice of children’s dentists in Baton Rouge.
Besides patient care, an equally important factor in the field of pediatric dentistry is technology. Excelling in the forefront of the business are the dentists of Pediatric Dental Specialists of Baton Rouge. An advanced certified staff with Expanded Dental Duty Assistant (E.D.D.S.) credentials employs highly sophisticated digital radiography and digital imaging equipment to reduce radiation exposure of up to 90% to patients compared to standard dental x-ray technology. The primary attribute of a digital radiograph is the lessened necessity for repeat x-rays due to its ability to produce enhanced and detailed images. This applied science allows for better communication between parents and dentists as radiographs can be enlarged on monitors to pinpoint any problematic areas. Moreover, cutting edge sterilization is offered to support child safety if dental work is discovered to be necessary.
Finally, Baton Rouge is home to over a dozen of the highest qualified children’s dental practices making it an epicenter of the industry. Altogether, these dentists constantly validate why they are among the best in the nation. The combination of their skillfulness, first-class attitude, and application of superior systems are on constant exhibit. It is no wonder why many of the residents of this community continually rate these childrens dentist Baton Rouge with five stars.

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